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Meet Aisha

Aisha grew up in the greater Palm Springs and Coachella Valley area and is a wife and mother to 3 children.  After graduating college with a Bachelors in Psychology she worked in the field of behavior and child development for 6 years before her own pregnancy and birth journeys led her to become a doula in 2015. After starting her own family she found the resources and support options lacking and felt the pull to find more ways to offer options, resources and support to the community she grew up in. After 5 years of being a doula this led her to midwifery school with the goal to become licensed and serve the Coachella Valley. Now, as a Certified Professional Midwife and licensed by the California Medical Board, Aisha is passionate about providing comprehensive maternity care to families. With an approach based on compassionate, holistic and alternative care, strengthening the bond between mother and baby, and ensuring physical and emotional comfort and autonomy throughout the pregnancy journey helps ensures the mother feels truly encouraged, informed, supported and empowered. Aisha truly believes in the God created design of pregnancy and childbirth and trusting the physiological birth process with as little meddling as necessary is generally the best way for birth to unfold. This experience and how a mother is made to feel during pregnancy, birth and postpartum will set the stage for the rest of the parenting journey. 

Palm Springs Midwife and family
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